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Warning this is a lemon meaning sexual content such as nudity and all that good stuff. There is also yuri meaning girl on girl and there are different methods of sex involved. If you do not like this leave and do not complain that I didn't warn you. 
"And this my lady is where you will retire for the night" you nodded and thanked the butler dressed in jet black from head to toe. "Yes thank you, you may leave. Good night." He bowed and walked down the hallway and you shut your door. You walked over to the window and examined the full moon, since it was very bright you shut the window but left the curtains open. You turned your back towards the window and proceeded to remove your gown. 

You undid the bow around your waist and placed it on top of a wooden table in the corner of the room. You reached your hands behind your back to unbutton the dress, you saw a shadow in the moonlight and turned and saw nothing. You shook the thought and undid another button and there was a soft nock at your door. "Yes?" You approached the door and placed a ear against it. "Yes, I am sorry to disturb you so late at night my lady but please make sure you stay in your chamber and lock your window." 

"Why would I need to take so much precaution?" You were becoming worried "Yes I already locked my window, but may I ask why so much precaution?", "you see my lady we are having trouble with a guest but do not worry we ensure your safety. If you need anything please do not hesitate to ask we are within hearing distance. Just remember do not leave this room." A guest? Last you checked the only guests were you and lady Elizabeth. "Yes, thank you I will remain in my sleeping chambers."

You heard his footsteps become distant and you went back to undressing. You couldn't reach a button and it was driving you insane, your arm was starting to get a cramp from the unusual position your arm was in. Suddenly a gloved hand was clasped over your mouth to keep you from screaming. "Shhh.... No need to yell my dear. Let me help you." You could feel someone's warm breath against your neck.

You turned and met two violet orbs, it was a woman with shoulder length white hair and she was wearing a white gown. "Please don't yell my lady" you nodded and she let go of your mouth. "W-why are you in my room and why did you do that?" She looked nervous and you noticed your window open. "Shhh, there's a man looking for me you need to help me" "Was she the reason the butler wanted to take precaution?"

"Are you by any chance hiding from the butler?" She turned to you and clasped her hands with yours. "Shhh, that man is evil believe me. He is impure, he will taint you too my lady. And you are so pure, do not let him taint you." You nodded and believed her, how could you not she looked so innocent. She let go of your hands and you walked over to your window and shut it once more. "Verywell, you may hide in here but you must be gone before sunrise." 

She hugged you and smiled. "Thank you it means so much." She let go of you and you remembered you still had to change out of your dress. "Umm what was your name again?" "Angela." You nodded and turned your back to her. "Normally I would have someone help me. Do you think you could help me with this button?" She nodded and walked over to you and undid the button. She couldn't help but admire how flawless your skin looked. She brushed her hand against your back and felt how smooth it was. 

"Your skin is so clean, and soft." You felt yourself slightly blush. "Thank you." She finished the buttons and you slipped the dress off your shoulders, now for the real pain. The corset. "Ahh sorry to bother you but can you help me again?" She nodded once more and she began to undo the top and you felt yourself getting more and more relieved. "My lady, you are so pure, it makes me jealous." It was true you never hurt anyone or anything and had a kind heart, not to mention you didn't sin.

"Wh-what?" She started to kiss your shoulder and trailed along to your arm. You were frozen, you had no clue what to do you were never in this kind of situation. You tried to push her away but she embraced you. "Do you not trust me? I promise I won't hurt you." Her words were soft and you somehow seemed to trust her, it felt right and so wrong at the same time. You stopped resisting and she smirked, "I promise, you will have fun." 

She began to losen the strings from your corset and you felt at ease as you were able to breath correctly once more. You held the corset up to prevent leaving you bare, while she finished off with the last lace. After she removed the string she opened the back of your corset and she could see the clip of your bra. She wrapped her arms around your waist and she began to kiss your neck. She hit a spot that made you involuntarily let out a small moan. 

Her hands began to trail upwards and rested above yours, she slowly moved your fingers off the corset making you eventually lose the grip and drop the corset leaving you in nothing more but your undergarments. She loosened her grip on you and grabbed your hand and led you to the bed. You were a bit hesitant but for some reason you couldn't say no to her. He sat on top of you straddling you and she smiled. 

Your cheeks were a bright pink, and she began to inch closer making your cheeks flair a deep red. Her lips were a hairs distance away from yours and your heart began to thump loudly in your chest. She closed her violet eyes and she kissed you, you were a bit shocked but eventually closed your eyes. She slid her tongue across your bottom lip but you had no clue what she was hinting at.

She took it as a form of resistance and she squeezed your right breast making you gasp. As soon as you opened your mouth she slid her tongue in and rubbed it through every part of your mouth. She rubbed her tongue against yours and began to lightly caress it making you moan. You tangled your fingers in her short soft locks and she had both hands on either side of your head. 

Once you needed air she pulled away and you looked at her with half lidded eyes while she used her finger to cut off the trail of saliva between you too. She lowered herself and she started to lick your collarbone and leave marks. "As much as I hate to mark your skin I have to let people know your mine." She began to kiss in the valley of your breasts and started to move her hands towards your back. 

You arched your back and she eventually found the clip and undid it. You covered yourself and she tossed the bra to the side of your bed. "No need to be embarrassed, besides I have them too." You were still shy and refused to remove your hands , she sighed and began to remove her dress making your face explode into a crimson blush. She slipped the dress off her slender form leaving her in white lingere. 

She moved her arms to her back and you heard a snap. She moved her hands to her shoulders and slowly slipped her bra off. You shut your eyes in embarrassment and she smiled at how childish and innocent you were. She threw her bra on your bed frame and she leaned down to kiss you. While you began to return the kiss she took advantage and began to grab your breast.

You moaned into the kiss and she took advantage and slipped her tounge in again. She broke away from the kiss and began to suck on your right breast. While she rubbed her thumb over your left nub. You were enjoying her treatment and she switched giving the same treatment to the other. She pulled away and you could feel her warm breath trailing down lower and lower.

She reached your underwear and she looked at how damp they were. Her fingers started tracing patterns over your clothed heat and she noticed your legs rubbing against each other trying to create friction. She grabbed your underwear and slowly pulled them off in a teasing motion. She finally slipped them off and you closed your legs.

She groaned in annoyance a bit and tried to pry them open and you showed resistance. "N-no....don't look t-there." She managed to open them and she blew on your heat sending shivers all thought your body. You lifted your head and noticed she licked her lips and she started to lower her tongue towards your entrance. Your (e/c) grew wide with understandment and you sat up.

"No that's n-nasty! Don-nghhh" you cut off with a moan when she licked your heat. She licked it a few more times and you grabbed your pillow and squeezed it out off pleasure. She sat up again and looked at you. "I need to explore my new territory, now remember try not to yell. We don't want to wake up everyone else in the manor." 

You nodded and gripped the pillow tightly. "Good girl" she removed her gloves and she shoved her index finger in your entrance. It felt a bit awkward but good at the same time she started to move it around trying to losen you up. You covered your face with the pillow and she could hear the muffled moans. She stuck in her middle finger and she began to lick as well. You felt waves of pleasure, something you never experienced before.

You kept moaning into the pillow so it came out muffled and began to involuntarily grind into her face she pulled away and you whimpered. She placed a hand to hold you down and she stuck her tongue in making you moan loudly into the pillow. You felt a strange knot in the pit of your stomach. After she began to moan sending vibrations into your heat you were thrown over the edge.

You hit your first release and arched your back and yelled loudly which could still be heard through the pillow and came which she licked up. She pulled away while you caught your breath and she pulled her underwear down. She climbed on top of you and kissed you. She lowered her hips so her womanhood was against yours. You through your head back at the contact and moaned. 

She began to rub herself against you causing you to go insane and moan with every move. She began to go harder and faster and your breaths were coming out short and ragged. She lifted herself off of you and you began to whimper, she stood up lifted your leg up turned you on your side and she slipped herself in between both your legs. She placed her heat back against yours so you guys were in scissoring    position. 

She began to rub herself against you driving you insane again causing you to moan. "A-Angela.....more." She complied and began to move more, except she bent over and began to rub your clit. You moaned louder and louder and you felt you were close, and released again once she thruster really hard. Your juices flew out and covered her womanhood and she thruster a few more times and released on you. 

You closed your eyes and rode out your orgasm and caught your breath until Angela stood up and placed her womanhood above your face. "You didn't think I was done did you? So return the favour." You nodded and she grabbed your wrists and used the bow from your dress and tied them to the bed. You got a bit frantic but she caressed your face and you relaxed.

She lowered her dripping womanhood onto your face and placed both her knees next to your head and gripped the bedpost to steady herself. Once her womanhood came in contact with your mouth she threw her head back. "Go on don't be shy (f/n) just lick it." You nodded and your tongue poked her entrance and you began to make circular motions with your tongue. 

She began to moan and she started to grind on your face, not that you didn't mind. You got a bit bolder and began to shove your tongue in her entrance making her moan a bit louder. You rubbed your tongue against her warm wet walls and you could taste her sweet yet bitter fluids. "Go on (f/n) m-more...." You began to move your tongue around deeper and she began to grind into you a bit faster. 

She picked up her pace she kept rubbing herself more and more. Suddenly she pulled away and you were a bit disappointed. "Don't worry I'm going to give you something better. (F/n) do you trust me?" You nodded and she smiled. "Good now (f/n) so you love me?" You nodded and she looked as tho she was thinking. "No you love Angela, you don't love all of me. Are you ready to love all of me?" 

You were a bit confused and hesitant. "(F/n) trust me, I made you feel good earlier I can make you feel better." You blushed a bit, normally you would never do such indecent acts but she showed you pleasure and once you got your first taste you wanted more and more. "I trust you" she nodded and placed a hand on your cheek. "Don't yell I promise it's just me okay?" You nodded and she told you to close your eyes. 

You closed your eyes and she took the pillow case off of the pillow and used it as a blindfold. Her fingers brushed against your cheek and reached your lips and pried them open. You felt her kiss you and she stuck her tongue in and she pulled away but told you to leave your mouth open. You felt something poke at your mouth and going inside you. It felt big and warm and she started to pull it in and out of your mouth.

You got her clue and started sucking on the strange object and threw all of your doubt out. She did say to trust her so you kept sucking and bobbing your head and you heard heavy pants. You felt the object in your mouth twitch and it released. You heard a groan and your mouth was filled with a sticky, bitter substance. You swallowed and tried not to choke. The object left your mouth and you licked up the substance that fell out of the side of your mouth. 

A hand covered your mouth and you tried not to panic. "Why is she covering my mouth, what is she up too?" "Shhhhh" you relaxed a bit and felt the blindfold coming off your eyes. Your (e/c) grew wide and you yelled but it was muffled by the hand. Angela was gone and there was a man with white hair and similar violet orbs. "(F/n) relax its me Angela except I took my other form." You examined the man and they did look very similar.

You calmed down a bit and stared at him. "Are you going to yell?" You shook your head and he removed his hand. You stared at him a bit until you broke the silence. "H-how?" The man raised a eyebrow and realised your question. "Oh remember I asked you if you loved me? Well I wanted to make sure you loved the other me and not just Angela. I'm Angela's male form Ash." 

You tried to process the information and he smiled. "Besides I may have been your first but there's no proof until I break your hymen." You had no clue what he was saying and he kissed you. You hesitantly kissed back but you felt comfortable with him so you let loose. He smiled knowing you accepted him. He pulled away from the kiss and spread your legs." 

He placed your legs on either side of his waist and rubbed your entrance a bit. He stuck in two fingers and made scissor motions and curled his finger. You began to moan again and he stretched you a bit. "You seem wet enough. Now remember (f/n) trust me it will hurt a bit at first but it will feel better soon." You were a bit scared but you trusted him he leaned over and his member was poking your entrance and he kissed you and slipped his tounge in your mouth and he untied you.

You wrapped your arms around his neck while he slipped in and you yelped in pain and your eyes became glossy. Tears ran a bit down your eyes and he pulled away from the kiss. "I'm sorry but I had to take your purity" you nodded and he stayed still and after a while he began to move slowly. You felt no more pain but pleasure and he rocked into you making you moan with every thrust. 

After a few thrusts you needed more and you began to moan louder. "I-I need more." He smiled and kissed you. "I thought you would never ask." He pulled out until his only tip was inside you and he slammed back in with in humane force making the bed slam against the wall. You moaned and buried your head in the crook of his neck. He kept thrusting going deep and hard, you could hear the bead bang harshly against the wall and you could hear the slap of the skin against skin.

Based on the force of his thrust it sounded like loud slaps. You were panting and moaning, and he was admiring his work. You were also lightly sweating causing (h/l)(h/c) strands of hair stick to your skin and you had a red blush on your face. "A-Ash ....oh feels....s-so good." He nodded and smiled. "You too, your tight." You blushed at his comment and he kept thrusting. After a few more minutes of your moans your grip on him tightened. "I-I'" He nodded and began to slam even harder and you couldn't control your yells.

You heard loud cracks and yelped and you felt the legs of the bed crack and fall under the pressure. He didn't seem to mind and kept thrusting faster and faster and you yelled and came. Your walls tightened around him and he released and pulled out and laid next to you. You rolled over and hugged him and he only laughed and ruffled your hair. "My child, I have taken your purity and you still warm up to me?"

You nodded and he waited until you fell asleep. Once you were asleep he covered you with the blankets and you woke up a bit. "I-I love you.....both of you. Ash and Angela." He nodded and patted your head. "I know, I know, you were the best therefore I will make sure you survive the fire." You raised a eyebrow and he kissed your forehead. "Just sleep, do not worry. It will all be come clear soon." 

You were too tired to question him and listened and fell into a deep slumber. He got out of bed and made sure not to wake you and he changed into Angela and slipped the dress back on. After he/she placed a letter in your hand and he/she opened the window and left. 

Time skip~ 

The sunlight filled the room and made you open your eyes. You opened your (e/c) eye and cringed at the sunlight you noticed neither Ash or Angela was by your side and you were a bit sad. You felt something in your hand and observed the rolled up paper. You unrolled it and read the calligraphy on the paper. 

                        My child you are now unpure so make sure you go get
                        cleansed at a catholic abbey behind Preston. It may 
                        look a bit burned down but do not let that deceive 
                        you. I will see you soon, trust the people there they
                        take good care of you. I will see you then. 

You smiled and hugged the paper close to you. You placed it by your nightstand and proceeded to take a bath and get dressed. After you were fully dressed you looked at the stained sheets and blushed. There was a nock at the door and you opened it and there was a red headed maid with large glasses. "Ahh my lady I was checking to make sure you were awake." 

You smiled and pulled her in the room and she slightly yelped. You shut the door and turned to her. "I need a favour." She nodded and you looked at her, "I may or may not have stained the sheets last night and I need you too keep it a secret." She smiled and looked to the bed. "It's all right we all have accidents my lady no need to be embarrassed."

You grew flustered. "No no! That's not it I had a guest late at night and it was my first so it stained." She nodded and grabbed your hands. "I will make sure it's kept a secret, just one question. Was your visitor Mr.Sebastian?" You shook your head. "No, no it was another man anyways thank you, it means a lot." She smiled and folded the blankets. "I'll get it washed out not to worry" After you said your goodbyes your carriage came and you left with lady Elizabeth. 


"Sebastian why were you with that woman?" Sebastian turned and raised a eyebrow, "I swear to you my lord that was not me. It was someone else but my order was to make sure every guest and you were safe. No one was harmed therefore I followed my order." Ciel rolled his eyes and walked back to his room. Sebastian walked away and there was a carriage pulling into the manor. 

Out stepped a man dressed in white, short white hair, and violet eyes. The queens butler. "Welcome back Ash, I see you have returned. I'm afraid Ms.(l/n) has left." Ash smirked and faced Sebastian. "No matter, I have a message from the queen." Sebastian nodded and turned to face ash. "I expect you to pay for the broken bed." Ash let out a chuckle and nodded. "Of course just give me the bill" 

Im actually peoud of this and had fun writing it I'm glad I finally got back to black butler. This was a long overdue lemon for :icontrancyhivecostplay: I loved her idea. I had forgotten I had to write it and remembered earlier so I decided to stop being a lazy ass and work on it. Guys remember don't read and run please I fucking love comments.
You (c) :iconangelaplz::iconashluvplz:
Story/plot (c) :iconanimefreak011000:
Black butler (c) Yana Toboso
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When Angela was like "It will be fun." I was like "So, when do the protesters with 'God Hates Gays' signs appear?"

Ah, Angels. They sin.

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But it's so majestic like a 22% Pineapple Trancy Booty flying through the skies on a unicorn with a dildo necklace.

So very majestic.

I love it.
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I gotta admit, I'm a huge fan of Ash, I love him to death. All my headcannons for Kuroshitsuji involve him, usually with Sebastian too... But that's not important. I do not, however, care very much for Angela. She's kinda icky, and completely crazy. But I do appreciate some well written smut, so congrats. I momentarily stopped hating Angela.
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I creepiest thing though is that my friends name happens to be Angela
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I was sure I was straight before until I saw Angela. Her beauty dragged me in and her insanity did it for me. I loved her and kept wishing she was real. She is the only other angel I love
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