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Almohada -spainXreader part 1
    You couldn't sleep. Two days had gone by already, the prince would arrive with the sun, returning from a trip involving foreign affairs. You couldn't care less to be honest, all that was on your mind was the fact that you would soon be marrying a complete stranger. You tossed and turned, drank water, lowered your night gown, uncovered yourself, opened a window but no matter what you were overheating. How could people live here? You had heard Spain was a warm southern kingdom but this was beyond warm. It felt as if you were laying next to a fire, needless to say the heat was unbearable for you. You see, a princess from a northern kingdom would never have even imagined heat like this, not with growing up with constant rain and snow. Giving up all thoughts of a good nights rest you stood and walked towards the door. Placing a ear against the wood you heard death silence. 
    It was your chance to get some air and stretch your legs. Taking it, you slowly opene
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 4 1
Almohada (SpainXreader) prologue
    "Mother!? P-PLease! No!" Hard (e/c) eyes bore into yours sternly.
    "You already knew this was going to happen why are you suddenly acting so surprised?" Her tone was cold and distant yet it still sounded as if it would break any second.
    "P-please... Don't do this, I-I don't even know him!" She turned to the driver and said a few words too quiet for you to hear.
    "I'm sorry (f/n) but it is something all women of your age must do, I did it and so will you. Besides in the end it works out, look at me and your father.... I remember when I was sitting in the carriage, a million thoughts in my head yet it all turned out fine.
    " She placed a hand on your neck and kissed both of your cheeks.
    "Trust me dear he is a charming young man and you will come to love him." Warm tears ran down your face as she climed int
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 8 0
You ran your fingers through the blond locks of your youngest son, big violet eyes looking up at her, and you couldn't help but 'awww' loudly as you embraced the small child. 
"Mommy, what are you doing?" A small voice came out slightly muffled as you let him go.
"Well, you were just so cute that I wanted to snuggle into you." His plump cheeks turned a soft red as he tried his best to make a pouty face, which only resulted in him looking even cuter.
"I-I'm not cute..." Letting out a small laugh, you kissed the top of his head.
"Whatever you say, honey." The soft padding of quick steps was heard and soon a small figure came into your line of sight.
"Momma, momma hide me!" your son ran to you and jumped, hugging tightly, trying to use you as a human shield. Heavier footsteps were soon heard as a angry Englishman ran in the room holding a large leatherbound book.
"ALFRED KIRKLAND!" Okay he was mad, using human names. As he ran in, you could see the flames practically bursting out of
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 132 11
He sat up in bed, looking out the window. A proud smile was plastered on his face, nothing could kill the pride that filled his body. He placed his face in his hands and let out a small chuckle, the sound of it rumbling in his chest was enough to give you butterflies. Standing up the crisp white sheets that once have him decency slipped off showing him in all his glory. A prominent blush spread across your face, hands covering your eyes you slightly spread your fingers allowing you to stare at him. He leaned on the windowsill and continued to smile that beautiful smile that was so addictingly intoxicating. Lowering your hands you sat up to see just what was making him so exited. The springs of the mattress creaked causing him to turn. Those blue eyes so full of emotion met yours and you couldn't help but be stare back into them. He walked over to you and grabbed your hands bringing them to his lips, he placed a soft delicate kiss on them and looked at you. "Mon dieu, 125 years today."
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 23 1
Free!: Father HarukaX Mother reader
This is just a random drabble fanfic I thought of...enjoy my bbs. 

"mommy, mommy!" your daughter of 5 years was bouncing up and down her small locks bouncing with her as her grin never faltered. "What is it baby?" she ran up to you and clung to your leg. "I know what I want to be for halloween!~" You smiled back at her and adjusted the blue bow in her black hair. "Oh? are you going to tell me?" she shook her head and giggled. "You have to guess mommy." you placed a finger at your mouth as in thought. 
"A fairy?" she shook her head, "hmmm, a doctor?" she stuck her tongue out and shook her head. Just then the door to the backyard opened and in walked your husband. He had a towel over his head as he was drying his black hair and he was wearing the same old black and purple swimsuit. Your daughter gasped at the sight of her father and ran to him. "Hi daddy!" he looked down and blue eyes locked with (e/c) eyes. 
"Hello" he smiled a bit and ruffled her black ha
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 116 13
JapanXreader - Oneshot
At my cousins house and she watches CNN One time I actually watch it I get a idea. Enjoy my loves!~❤ also p.s. one cuss word, let me know if I should put a warning on it.
       You leaned back into the couch letting your body be slowly devoured by the piece of furniture. You had nothing to do and it was a Saturday morning, normally you wouldn't be up so early but, you just couldn't sleep. You see your brain decides to have you think about a certain Japanese man instead of allowing you to rest. There was just something about him that made him so loveable.
You didn't know if it was his quiet demenor, the fact that he was easily flustered with the touch of another, his respectful attitude, his soft voice, how the list went on but you loved every physicall and mental thing about him. You let out a frustrated
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 47 25
You watched as Egypt burried his face in his hands as he tugged at the sides of keffiyeh in a frustrated manner. You walked over to him and sat down and wrapped your arms around him but he didn't move. You placed a hand on his keffiyeh and he immediately grabbed your wrists in a strong grip that was starting to hurt. Your shocked (e/c) eyes met his angry green eyes and his his glare soften.
Once let go you rubbed your wrist and he mumbled a quiet "sorry" you smiled and caressed his cheek. "It's okay, don't you trust me?" He nodded and you smiled you sat behind and began to massage his shoulders, you felt his stiff back and shoulders get loose and you worked at all the knots. After you maid him lay on his stomach you sat on his back and looked too see if he was complaining.
He had his eyes closed and his breathing was soft so you saw that as a go, you began to massage his lower back as he sighed in pleasure. As you were rubbing a stiff area he opened a green eye. "I failed them." You co
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 99 8
Adult SealandXReader - A real country
This is for the Innumerable Themes contest and my number is 6 and my theme is make-up (getting back together) not as in lipstick....that would have been fun tho......anyways enjoy. Also I know it starts of as children but you grow up and so does sealand. 
You were sitting on the beach staring off into the ocean, you were currently in England since he now "owned" you. You were The British Virgin Islands, you hated the name you wanted something more feminine or less eqmberssing. So you made people call you by your human name. (F/n) (l/n) England was angry that you were being stubborn and refused to take his last name.
Why should you? You were your own country/Island. He wasn't your big brother, he wasn't your father, he was your conqueror. You played with the hem of your (f/c) frilly dress and fixed the matching bow on your head.
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 65 52
RussiaXreader- My suitors
I was inspired when I went to go see my cousin perform this song at her concert. She was in a symphony this summer, I'm so proud of her! Anyways this song is actually by a Russian composer and the song is just so beautifully entoxicating. I always wanted to do a ball fanfic but I could never pick a song so my cousin told me to pick this one and when I heard them play I knew she was right, I just had to pick this song. Anyways enjoy. 

You were the daughter of a very important figure in Soviet Russia and you lived in the very capital of the Soviet Union, Moscow. You originally lived in (country) but your father got a job opportunity to work as a aid for Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin (Joseph Stalin) and help lead him to victory with his industrial revolution. The year was 1948 and you were living a wealthy lif
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 57 12
Mature content
AngelaXReaderXAsh [lemon] :iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 228 32
Mature content
America X Male Reader :iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 125 17
Child CountryXChild Reader ~ barbies of the world
A series I thought of and ps barbies are involved as said in the title

You were just turning 6years old and you were so happy. You were wearing your favourite (f/c) dress and you had pretty (f/c) bows holding up your (h/l) (h/c) hair. Your mom made sure you looked really pretty and you had a giant button that said 'birthday girl' on it. "(F/n) Honey come down stair!" You ran down the stairs "coming mommy!" 
You reached downstairs and you crashed into someone sending you on the floor with a small 'thud'. You opened your eyes and grabbed a someones hand and you they pulled you up and your (e/c) met strong honey brown eyes. Before you stood a very handsome man with chocolate brown hair. He had a bit of a stumble and a few little curls here and there.
What really caught your eye was he was wearing golden armour with a red cape. Your eyes widened never before had you seen a man like him he looked like a god. "Rome your scaring her" you turned and there stood another man
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 15 3
ChildEnglandXChildReader~ English barbie

This is a part of my new series read the intro first I will most likely put it in the description anyways enjoy!

"(F/n)!" You turned and you saw England running towards you. His messy blond hair bounced with every step and his green eyes were set on your small form. "Hello England! Whats wrong?" He stopped in front of you and he was slightly panting from running. "I....have....something....for you." Your (e/c) widened and you smiled and quickly hugged him. "Awww Iggy you didn't have to get me anything!" 
He awkwardly returned the hug and broke away. "I told you not to call me that, but I'll forgive you since it's your birthday." You smiled and he handed you a rectangular box wrapped in (f/c) wrapping paper. "I know it's not much but I thought you would like it" you smiled and quickly unwrapped the gift. 
Your eyes w
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 45 19
Mature content
BelarusXreader~ forgetting big brother :iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 190 59
AmericaXreader~ Americas day off
This is for the movietalia contest from #House-of-Hetalia hope you enjoy it's based on the classic movie 'Ferris Bueller's day off' you can watch it on Netflix I highly recommend it. See the hetalia cast info in description. 

"Alfred are you okay?....Honey!.. Come over here!" Alfred's dad walked into the room next to Alfred's mother. "What's wrong?" She frowns "it's Alfred he has no fever he's complaining his stomach hurts and he said he's seeing spots." Alfred lays in bed until he sees his father. "Papa?...." His dad walks over to him and he tries to get up. "It's okay I get up" "NO!" His parents yelled in unison pushing him down gently. 
Alice or Alfred's half English sister walks in and looks in disbelief. "Are you seriously letting him stay? He's bloody lying...." Meanwhile Alfred was making 'shhh' faces at his sister while his parents were looking away. Eventually they believed him an
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 4 5
AustraliaXreader oneshot
                     Left out character of the week:Australia 


      You were at home on a Saturday morning watching tv. You were flipping through the channels when you got to Animal Planet. They were passing old re-runs of Steve Irwin's show the crocodile hunter. How you used to love watching the fearless man put up with different dangerous animals. Not to mention his Australian accent that made you laugh. You were really into the show it was the episode 'wildest baby animals' you were 'awww'ing as you saw each baby animal. But the ring of your phone caught your attention. 
You ignored it and continued watching the screen, the light began to blink informing you of a voicemail. "I'll check it later" you said not really caring. But your phone kept ringing and it wouldn't stop so you finally gave in and picked it up. 
"What?...." Then the fa
:iconanimefreak011000:animefreak011000 41 13


Italy X Reader: May I Paint You?
Your hair hung sloppily and knotted.  No matter how many times you ran your hand through your tangled knots, it would not come undone.  You had even bathed several times, but nothing seemed to do the trick.  Out of ideas, you decided to bathe once more.  You were a bit dirty anyway from the day’s tasks anyway.  Dirt covered your hands and when you had wiped sweat from your brow, some had rubbed off.  And so, you headed down to the river.  It wasn't very far from your small home and you knew that if there was a disaster, the villagers would easily be able to find and warn you.  
The river was clear.  It was not like that everyday, it was rare.  It was a sign of peace in your eyes, as that meant there was no one else tampering with the river's natural state.  It was almost a shame to disturb it.  You took off your shoes and pushed them to the side, your dress soon followed.  You slipped off your undergarments carefull
:iconississ-perok:Ississ-Perok 194 43
allies. // {altair ibn-la'ahad}
{ altaïr ibn-la'ahad x falcon!reader }
warning(s): violence, blood.

            The sun rose slowly over Damascus, bathing the city in a honey-golden light.  People below were already busy; hurrying about their lives in the market places.  A lone assassin stood on the rooftops, his ears blocked out the morning hum, and his eyes scanned the horizon.
            His dark eyes stopped, catching sight of your gliding form.  Altair held out his right arm as a roosting place for you, and you plumped your wings faster with a shattering call.  Your body rocketed toward your master and your talons outstretched for his arm, piercing the fabric as it was captured in your feet.  Thankfully, the pads of his hidden blade were always there to protect his flesh from your deadly weapons.
:iconbat-clawz:Bat-Clawz 98 16
Valentine's Challenge|Scotland|Kiss
"What a weekend this is turning out to be," you said to yourself, brushing some snow from a park bench before plopping down and dropping your purse between your feet. You put your travel bag at your side and rubbed your sore shoulders before sitting back and letting your head fall. You stared up at the cold, grey sky.
"It's not all that bad, lass, it's barely just gotten started," came a heavily accented voice from your right and you rolled your head to the side to stare at the man who had spoken to you. The first thing you noticed was his shock of red hair, wild from the wind and how it brought out the pale freckles on his face. His eyes were green, and his face handsome, in a different way than you were used to, with a strong jaw line and high cheekbones.
"You're right," you said, sighing and just returning your gaze back to the sky. "It's not like it could get any worse from this point, so..." you waved a hand and let the sentence fall. The man chuckled at that and pulled a cigarett
:iconivyandtwine:ivyandtwine 322 54
Norway x Reader: So That's What That Means
Lukas Bondevik
As soon as he heard his name on your lips, Lukas had to repress the shiver of delight which threatened to tear through his entire body.  It was embarrassing for him to admit how easily you could affect him with only your voice, but as of late the way you spoke his name had changed; instead of simply pronouncing the word like every other person he knew, you seemed to savour the syllables, allowing them to roll from your tongue with an almost sinful tenderness… Or perhaps that was just wishful thinking on his part. When you shifted in your seat, drumming your fingers along the rim of your coffee cup absentmindedly, he realised that he had yet to acknowledge the fact that you’d spoken.
“Yes __________?” He decided to humour you, despite being fully aware of what you were going to ask.
Momentarily tearing his gaze away from the window of the little café, Lukas faced you across the table and allowed himself to appreciate the way yo
:iconinsanityvixen:InsanityVixen 458 63
NorwayXReader - These Hearts Adore
Your eyes snapped open, and you took a deep breath. It was if you had awaken like some kind of Zombie form a terribly acted movie, but you couldn't help it. The air was chilly, and the blankets on your bed did nothing to protect you, you rolled over to steel some of Lukas's warmth, but he was gone. You sat up, looking out the window to see the gray sky, smiling slightly. "It's getting colder." You spoke to yourself. "Winter is coming." You stated the obvious. The ends of your rosy lips tugged upwards. "It's almost sweater weather..." You ripped off the blankets, if there's one thing you like more than sleeping and eating,
it's cold weather.
And you made that very clear to everybody.
"Lukas prepare my sweaters!" You called as you ran out of the room in your baggy pajamas. You looked for him in the bathroom, but he wasn't there. The smell of coffee was hinted throughout the house, and it seemed like your precious winter routine was coming into play already. You jogged down the stairs of
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 212 61
Entwined (Scotland x Reader)
When you wake, it’s at first with that familiar surge of panic, a jolt like your heart was considering stopping, eyes flipping open like a doll’s, suddenly and almost mechanically.
You can feel warmth beside you, and you relax marginally, knowing that this afternoon, you have not woken up alone. Tonight, he chose to stay.
Honestly, you can’t even remember how this all began, with Allistor Kirkland, the man with those lascivious looks he only has to give you once to make you squirm, his rough growl of a voice and bright, bright hair and eyes, like he heard about how rare red hair and green eyes are on a man and said, “Fuck it.”
He’s that type of guy, kind of wild, the kind of person who is touted as difficult, unreliable. The sort of person other people warn girls like you away from.
And you’ve gone and fallen for him.
Of course.
Whether he feels the same way, however, is a topic of much controversy.
And you don't want to be that girl, th
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 360 32
EnglandxReader- P.S. I Love You by little-soka EnglandxReader- P.S. I Love You :iconlittle-soka:little-soka 362 573
EzioxReader ~Modern AU~
~In this world or the other I will find you~
You were lying in his arms, the battle had finished a long while ago but you were still in the field, pure white covering everything, you couldn’t feel your legs and your arms started to get numb, life was flowing slowly out through your abdomen, you could barely see and even though it was hard to focus you did recognized those chocolate eyes.
-(Y/N)… (Y/N)… please… -You could feel some warm drops landing in your face, he looking down at you, his hands gripping you tight against his body, trying to give you warmth, trying so desperately to save you but you knew it was pointless, it was time.
-Don’t cry… my love… -You whimpered as one of your hands reached out for his cheek, he kissed it with such delicateness as if you were made of glass it didn’t even bother him that you stained him with your blood. –I don’t want… to remember you like… th
:iconfictionalxreader:FictionalxReader 104 31
Dayglo Reflection I (ReaderXGermany)
“Ludwig?” You call out of the name hastily scribbled on the clear coffee cup.
Ludwig had ordered a caramel latte, without whipped cream. Considering his name and drink choices, Ludwig is probably a gay European tourist.
“I’m Ludwig,” A rich baritone voice with a hint of an accent replies.
You freeze as his blue eyes hit your (E/C) ones, making them widen. Despite that none of the dim scones hang over him, his ice blue eyes seem to be illuminated. They’re an enchanting phosphophyllite gemstone that seems to lure you in. Your mouth feels suddenly quenched as you respond, “Your drink is ready.”
You offer it to him and his ivory hand accepts it, his warm fingers brushing against yours.
He examines the coffee and his lips crease up. “You’re one of the only baristas who actually remembered not to put whipped cream on my latte!”
You chuckle. “It’s just my job sir.”
:iconfrostedsopi:frostedsopi 91 42
Cross My Palm With Silver (EnglandxReader)
      The Englishman didn’t want to be here. That much was obvious to you; the way his nervous eyes constantly flicked from place to place, the careful positioning of his body, and the agitated tapping of his fingers all clued you in to his reluctance. His friend had dragged him here, the American man with sandy blond hair and curious blue eyes. That one was grinning and excitedly fidgeting in place; he had been lured in of his own free will.
    A small, lofty smile curved your lips as you adjusted the brightly dyed scarf wrapped around your hair and tucked a few of the locks that peeked out back under the cloth’s shelter, wishing you could escape the merciless corset threatening to crush your internal organs. Holding up two slender fingers, you nodded to Lovino, who parted the thick burgundy curtains separating you from your clients’ sight and called, “Are there any two who wish to have their fortunes to
:iconprincessautumnarcher:PrincessAutumnArcher 156 76
Perception - Levi x Reader
This was absolute torture.
It was yet another cleaning day around the HQ, and if you were being entirely honest you would rather saw your own arms off than clean the castle another damn time. All that scrubbing and bending over was hell on your hands and knees, you swore that one day you were going to collapse and die in the middle of the job and all Levi would say is “clean it again”.
But thankfully, as if you had the god’s own luck, Hanji pulled you away from your duties to instead ask a favour from you.
“[First], I need you to take this file to Levi,” she said before handing you a neatly sealed manila envelope.
“Not to look a gift horse in the mouth,” you started, “but why me?”
“Well, he’s angry with me! I accidentally left a cup of Titan saliva in the kitchen and Levi found out and… uh, he hasn’t spoken to me for three days.”
“Eww, why did you leave Titan spit in the kitchen?”
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 683 178
The Promise of Blossoms (God!Japan x Reader)
A single coin is enough to change everything.
From his vantage point, Kiku observes your trembling form with a dispassionate expression, mouth set in a thin line. Despair comes off you in clouds, as if you are exuding your own personal perfume. Your eyes follow the journey of the coin as it disappeared into the altar with a satisfying sound to confirm its landing before you begin, staring at the floor.
The beg jolts the young God, so acute is the loss withheld in your shaking form.
"I know what is done cannot be changed..." you begin, speaking in a quavering voice, tears spilling down your face like rain.”...But I beg for your help. My- my mother was all I had le-left in this world. Now she has joined you, I am alone..."
You stop here, though Kiku instinctively knows you are not done, sobs cut off your ability to speak. It is all you can do to stop yourself from choking, your face screwed up in pain as tears literally splash onto the stone floor. Were you a Goddess, K
:iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 606 152
Mature content
Only One Sweet Moment (Rome x Reader - Lemon) :iconunluckyamulet:UnluckyAmulet 188 60
On our way home by Enbi-to-Miruku On our way home :iconenbi-to-miruku:Enbi-to-Miruku 267 25
APH Norway x Reader - Christmas Catastrophe
Christmas Catastrophe
Pairing: Norway x Reader
Warning: Drama, EXTREME Out of Character goodness, curses and loads of non-sense XD
A/N: I had way too much fun with this. WAYYYYY too much fun //shot
"I'm back guys! Sorry I was late, the plane was delayed because of the snowstorm!" you called out loudly, closing the wooden door rather roughly while cursing under your breath due to the cold weather biting down on your skin. You unwrapped the (f/c) scarf on your neck and unbuttoned the midnight blue coat you were wearing and placed them on top of the shoe shelf, vowing to clean it up later. You slipped off the black knee high boots you were wearing and slid your cold feet inside your slippers as you made your way inside the comfortable house, dragging your purse all the way.
Norway's villa. The lovely two story house that you often visited to, so often that even Norway had generously offered you a private room that
:iconkanade-tan-karunyan:Kanade-tan-Karunyan 133 140
Old Flames (Sebastian Michaelis x Succubus!Reader)
Sebastian crossed the ballroom swiftly, lacquered black shoes clicking on the marble floors. His head turned left, then right, scanning the expanse of the room. To say he was harried would be an understatement.
    He looked over his shoulder, spotting Master Ciel talking business with a fabric merchant. He was safe, for now.  That was what mattered. It was his job as butler to keep his young Lord safe and his reputation spotless. So God damn it, where was she? He knew she was here. He could smell her.
    The scent was sickeningly sweet, and if he were to take a moment to dissect it, the demon would find the exact name to be Belladonna, the exotic yet toxic little bloom. Fitting, under the circumstances. The little masochist used it as a perfume.
    An idea popping to mind, Sebastian scanned the party again. He continued to politely fake a smile at the nobles passing by. There, perfect. A large cluster of men seemed to be stationed in
:iconnumbuh1000:Numbuh1000 676 103



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